Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalms 46:10

Have you ever felt like you’ve come to a point where you’re lost for words, or you feel like you have nothing to offer anyone? I’m sure most of us have and to be honest; it’s a place where I believe God places His children to fill them and prepare them for the next big move. A couple of years ago I was in this place where I could hear the voice of God speaking so soft and low that the enemy would put doubt and disbelief in my thoughts.

I’ve been doing worship for the last nine years at our church, and I also preach when called at our church or other churches, women’s conferences, etc. When I would get off the platform from a worship service or ministering a Word the enemy would play with my mind and tell me that it wasn’t effective, that it didn’t make sense and he would tell me no one was receiving off me. I continued to worship, preach and teach and wake morning after morning in prayer but felt like I was stuck in the same spot and the same grind seeing no change in any area of my life spiritually, physically, financially and even in my baby boy’s health. The enemy had me in a place where I believed everything he was throwing at me. I felt like I was down for the count and I felt disconnected from God and that He wasn’t hearing me. I felt like I was all out of words and tears. Then one night a song came to my mind titled, “Word of God Speak” and the first verse goes like this “I’m finding myself at a lost for words, and the funny thing is that’s ok. Cause the last thing I need is to be heard but to hear what you have to say, Word of God soak would you fall down like rain? Washing my eyes to see your majesty. To be still and know that you’re in this place. Please let me stay in rest in your holiness.” I began to feel the presence of God sweep over me at that very second. Just when the devil thought he had me it was there in my weakness, He (God) became strong.

You see, it’s ok to feel lost for words because if we were to keep talking, then we wouldn’t know to be still in Him, and to stop and let His Word fill us with all his beauty and goodness. All the God colors we would miss the next step with him, the next piece to fulfilling his plan. He spoke three simple instructions to me a few days later at a church event called Shepherd’s Fest that my sister’s church hosts annually and her theme was “Behold I will do a new thing.” Well let me tell you He sure did do something new in me! He told me to take three breaths in, and three breathes out. I asked Him, “Lord, why do you have me to do this?” He said, “Because as you take each breath in, I’m putting new inside of you; and with each breath, you release you’re releasing the old.” WOW! Talk about resurrection power! I sure did feel it. So today if you’re struggling with an unanswered prayer, feeling struck down, beat up, abandoned or alone remember God is closer than you could ever think or imagine. He hears you, He sees you, and He’s carrying you through this. Just be still and know that He’s in this place and this time with you. Listen for His voice for He wants to fill your life with good things.

Prayer Starter: Lord, it’s been so long since I’ve felt You or seen Your hand move in my life. I’m at a point where I’m lost for words, but I trust You that You are in this place and time with me. Give me reassurance and peace to be still and rest in Your presence Father In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.


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AliceFay Cooper

AliceFay Cooper

Alicefay was born and raised in church. At the age of eight she gave her heart to Jesus and was filled with the Holy Ghost. She has always had a passion to serve her Lord Jesus with all her heart, and understood at a young age she had a call on her life. Her entire family is in ministry and it would spark a fire every time she saw them doing the work of God. In the summer of 2004 she rededicated her life to Jesus and from that moment she took a stand and a step into her calling. For the past 8 years she is honored to have the privilege of serving and ministering as Worship leader at her home church in Stewartsville, NJ. AliceFay can also be found sharing inspiring messages of hope at various women's conferences and events. She helps with children's ministry and considers it a tremendous blessing to be able to be used in every age group. AliceFay has been married to her amazing husband and best friend for 18 years and together they have 3 beautiful children, 2 boys and a girl. She has learned that in every season to give thanks, to lean not on her own understanding but to trust God with all her heart. Remember everyday is fresh beginning and adventure with Jesus let's take it for the kingdom!