May 31, 2017
Rest, Refill, and Refresh!
Luke 5:16

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Signs of a Corrupted Heart: Balaam the Blind

Balaam was gifted in divination and also prophecy. While he knew of God and spoke with God, he also used other evil means to get information from the spirit realm. Balaam came from a long line of similarly gifted family and also was considered the best in delivering blessings and curses. He was sought after by Kings and known among important circles

Words are Weapons

David was in the opposite position. David was surrounded by enemies who were slandering him. David was crying out for justice and comforted himself with what God would do to balance the scale. David knew the power of the tongue as he was the recipient of slander.

How to know what season God has you in. Part 4 conclusion: Season of Reaping and Sowing

Joseph had enough grain that he gathered that he was able to feed other cities for the next seven years of that famine. I leave you with this; don’t be lazy and unmotivated but keep your eyes in the fields and Jesus

For Such a Time as This

So, are you waiting for that next promotion? Is your ex not paying his proper support? Did disease take someone too early from your life? Was there great division in your organization because of somebody’s words? Have you been shortchanged more times than you care to count any longer?

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Growing Your Garden Part One: Garden Series

Growing a garden is not an easy task, and it requires continuous work just like our spiritual walk. It requires drinking at the well of His Spirit, so we are not thirsty and allowing ourselves the painful process of being pruned by the Master Gardener. It also challenges us to protect the work God has done in us by guarding our hearts and not letting the enemy’s weeds take root in our soil. How is your garden looking these days?

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Rubbernecking Reality

Jesus isn’t afraid of your reality. He knows it. He knew when He called you to Him what you were facing, even before you did. As her eyes and ears opened to the healing that was taking place, Jesus explains to her that worshipping him requires spirit and truth. And the amplified version wraps this up perfectly, describing truth as reality. The reality was she was in an unhealthy cycle of relationships. The reality was that was she was hurting. The reality was she needed healing. And Jesus had a good plan for her life, but until she faced reality, she would remain trapped and bound by the chains of lies.

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The Freedom in Forgiveness

So, what happens when you harbor unforgiveness? Physically speaking, unforgiveness causes chemical imbalances within our bodies, weakens the immune system, causes fatigue and loss of sleep. Unforgiveness places the person who is holding so tightly to the offense in a prison that is very difficult to break free from. As a result, the person is always clamoring to break free. More often than not, the offender probably doesn’t even know that they offended you.

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Love Them and Leave Them: The Tale of an Intercessor

Intercession is a tremendous weapon of spiritual warfare. It changes atmospheres and circumstances, and it causes breakthroughs. Anytime we have a weapon of mass destruction the enemy will try and steal it in order to use it for his purposes. We can get so busy doing that we forget what just being feels like. Let’s not ritualize something born from Holy Spirit, but let’s not trivialize it either.

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It’s All in the Genes

So, back to our lineages. Obviously, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, and Solomon were known for great faith. We search out how these men did what they did. We want to know how they took the steps they did. Great faith can easily be seen in Jesus. These great men also exhibited a close relationship with God, as did Jesus.

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When this verse went through my thoughts, there was one lone bird far off in the sky. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was a bird or a plane, but as it drew closer, I could see it was a bird and its wings were straight out, no flapping. This was a pretty large bird and had a good size wing span.

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POW: Prisoners of a White Pickett Fence

If we are to war for her we must bring the right balance of compassion and truth. Jesus’ ministry to the oppressed was filled with compassion for the hurting. While he loved the oppressors too, He consistently wielded the sword of truth at the Pharisees for their oppressive practices. See balance. This Word of truth is a sword, a weapon! Let’s make sure we point it and wield it carefully with wisdom.

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