May 31, 2017
Rest, Refill, and Refresh!
Luke 5:16

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Spiritual Parenting

In my Bible reading recently, I was led to read I Chronicles 22. There were several things that stood out to me as I read the account, and in asking the Lord to reveal the message, He showed me that we are entering a season where spiritual mothering and fathering is...

Prophetic Word- Fruits and Roots

Today, during worship time the Lord spoke to me and said; “There are too many who are looking at the fruit but not the root.” Then He said, “New wine cannot be grown away from the vine.” I pressed in further, and He led me to read Mark 11:12-25 when Jesus cursed the...

The Sound of Release

The Sound of Release 41 Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. 42 But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth...

Which Came First; the Chicken or the Egg?

As this holiday season comes to a close, I really felt God prompting me to write on something that I have seen all too much of or heard all too much about. It grieves my heart. It aches my soul. It is like a punch to the gut every time I witness the very act that I am...

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Viable Victory

Victory Comes In Unexpected Packages The last few weeks have been especially hard with emotional and physical struggles. It’s hard to feel victorious when chronic pain acts out and each joint cries out in agony. It’s difficult to see the incremental healing that God...

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Signs of a Corrupted Heart: Balaam the Blind

Balaam was gifted in divination and also prophecy. While he knew of God and spoke with God, he also used other evil means to get information from the spirit realm. Balaam came from a long line of similarly gifted family and also was considered the best in delivering blessings and curses. He was sought after by Kings and known among important circles

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Words are Weapons

David was in the opposite position. David was surrounded by enemies who were slandering him. David was crying out for justice and comforted himself with what God would do to balance the scale. David knew the power of the tongue as he was the recipient of slander.

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A Living Sacrifice

Sadly many are happy with their salvation and stop there, but I beseech you not to stop there! There is so much more on this side of Heaven to experience. Won’t you become a living sacrifice reflecting Jesus in the earth walking in love and power?

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Gaining Ground in the Garden Part Three: Garden Series

Upon cruel physical and verbal mockery, Jesus did not recant or give up on who He was. He endured, and that is what we need to do as well. Jesus did not stay silent because He was weak. He stayed silent because He was strong. Most think strength comes from fighting back, but that is easy to do when attacked. True strength is submitting to God’s plan and purpose even when you are relentlessly attacked.

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