One thing I have asked from the Lord, that I shall seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,To behold the beauty of the Lord And to meditate in His temple. Psalm 27:4

Ah, one of my favorite verses. It’s my heart cry. I don’t believe this is speaking of an earthly church or temple. I believe this is speaking of dwelling by the Spirit. Think about it for a minute. David as a young boy/teenager was a shepherd; he lived with the sheep under the open sky. There was no temple. Later on, he was running from Saul and dwelt in caves and was known as a man of war. God himself said of David that he was a man after His own heart. David encountered the Lord no matter where he was because he entered by the Spirit.

Jesus said of Mary in Luke 10:42 but “one thing” is needed and Mary has chosen the good part which will not be taken from her. What is the “one thing” you desire? Is it healing, provision, victories, or maybe salvation for loved ones? We need to waste our lives on “one thing,” extravagant devotion to Jesus Christ. We need to linger long with an engaged spirit in the presence of the Lord. The opposite of one thing is a divided heart, and a divided heart will lead to distraction weakness and disappointment.“One thing” is impossible to do with self-determination and the power of the flesh. Abandonment flows out of a lovesick heart. The key is to have fresh encounters with His heart. Intimacy sustains intensity.“That will I seek,” David went after it! We need to be as David, be tenacious, be intentional.

I have found David the son of Jesse, A man after My heart, who will do all My will.’Acts 13:22b It wasn’t His obedience, no more than Moses or the other prophets. It wasn’t his pursuit of miraculous power. Elijah and Elisha had many more power demonstrations. It wasn’t his military success. That too wasn’t one of a kind. Joshua had significant success in his military career, yet he wasn’t called a man after God’s heart. What set David apart as a man after God’s heart was His unrelenting passion to search out and understand the emotions of God. Most people don’t ever come close to having a heart after God the way David did. They stumble and struggle through life without discovering God’s heart and without letting it transform them. “That I may dwell in the house of the Lord.”His house is His throne room (Revelation 4:4)
The supernatural realm is for David His natural realm. When we dwell in His house, we are dwelling in His presence and have communion with Him. That is supernatural “To behold the Lord and inquire of His temple.”

We behold His affections and emotions towards us by faith. We sit at the feet of Jesus and awaken all of our senses to learn about Him. As we behold we become and reflect. We begin to see with heaven’s perspective. You might be saying it’s not practical, that’s for people who have no real jobs or families to care for.
But can I tell you that studying the heart of God is crucial if we are to have healthy families and careers. The most practical thing you can do to take care of your family or business is to cultivate an overflowing heart. From this focused lifestyle, everything will flow. Don’t be one to say I’m too busy to sit around beholding the glory of God’s heart. That is like choosing to live with a locked heart. To gaze upon the heart of God creates a heart flowing with his attributes beholding and becoming. Whatever we behold or understand about God’s heart towards us that’s what we become in our hearts towards God. To worship in spirit is to worship deeply from a heart of total abandonment. It means to understand the truth about God’s heart and personality. Worship is not a 30 minute period during church service but a lifestyle of relating to God in a particular way. The fiery rivers of affection in God’s personality flow strong, yet we respond with a drip of ritual or passionless worship.

David first passionately pursued the revelation of the desires and the emotions of God’s heart. Secondly, he obeyed God’s commands, and third, he moved into the fullness of God’s power and purposes. We, on the other hand, have powerless Christianity and sadly most of us are satisfied or don’t care. David prayed that he would be able to drink from the river of the pleasures of God’s heart (Psalm 36:8). We must intentionally pursue the revelation of God’s heart and emotions to get the benefits. There is nothing passive about it. It’s an aggressive hunt that requires as much energy and mental focus as an Olympic event. The point is to keep going after the knowledge of God’s heart through all seasons of life. It’s never a sacrifice to hang out in His presence though many of us are bored during times of prayer and worship. Most believers put prayer in “the- sacrifice- I- make- for God” category, but that only happens when you live with a misconception of who God is. He absolutely burns with love for you.

Plan to spend time with God. Why not!? We plan for vacation, we plan for retirement and our children’s education. We plan our meals our shopping trips, our doctor and dentist appointments. Why not plan to spend time alone with God. Joyce Meyer says we give Him occasional little obediences like we are doing Him a favor. If Jesus is first in our life, we should be thinking about Him all the time, and if we are thinking about Him we are going to be talking about Him and caring what He thinks about what we are doing. To quote Joyce Meyer again, she says we ought to act like we are desperate all the time and seek Him like we are desperate then we wouldn’t be as desperate in our circumstances. We need to fill our minds line upon line, precept upon precept, truth upon truth, day after day. Speak the Word; it becomes alive much faster as it travels through our lips especially in prayer. As we begin to speak the truth of God’s heart back to Him, He transforms our emotional chemistry. Correct thoughts about God bring wonderful emotions.This is why the truth sets us free, (John 8:32).

Books and sermons will never equip your heart actually to love. That change requires a lifestyle of being in the Word and soaking. Going to church doesn’t mean you are saved or even that you don’t love God. But if you are continually dwelling in His presence, you would come to church with an overflowing heart ready to give than receive. Instead of coming to fill up you pour out, first to the Lord than to others. Just imagine the explosiveness in a corporate gathering of believers overflowing with the glory and likeness of God! True transformation takes place in your heart. There is an awakening, revelation, encounter which results in confidence, trust, and reliance. You see Him for who He is, and you know who you are and who’s you are! It’s exhilarating to be alive in Him.

Prayer Starter: Lord one thing I ask of you, that I shall seek: That I may dwell in your house all the days of my life, and behold your beauty and to meditate in Your temple. Captivate me with Your beauty and Your splendor. Let me never be bored with You but let me passionately pursue You all the days of my life. Amen


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Linda Diaz

Linda Diaz

Linda has a passion for Jesus with a desire to know him more and make him known. Linda and her husband Ralph have been married for 39 years and together have Pastored New Harvest Christian church for 20+ years. Linda has led and served in both women and children's ministry. Together they have a heart for missions to the nations and training and equipping the body of Christ in the prophetic, intercession and the great commission. In 2014 they formed EPIC Ministries to accomplish that mission. Linda has traveled to Israel, Guatemala, Mozambique and Wales for missions. She has two adult children, Tomas and Lindsay and a Son in law, G-O and her beloved dachshund Abigail. For further information on EPIC Ministries click here or go to
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Linda Diaz

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